Coffee and sex drive

I’ve recently cut out coffee except for the weekends. I originally gave it up after being sick and found that it had an adverse effect on my sex drive. Then I went to only having one cup a day, but found that even that habitual cup was causing me to crash in the afternoon. Now that I don’t have coffee during the week, my energy levels are way better. Of course, I think my diet plays a role in this as well, as I generally avoid carbs. Also, I tend to take a nap after lunch and have a cup of black tea after lunch. Still, I find that my sex drive isn’t as intense  during the week. Then when the weekend comes, I indulge and have coffee in the mornings. It’s easier to deal with the mid-day crash because I can just have a rest.

Wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? In general, I favor not having the coffee habitually. It actually does its job well when I have it sparingly. I am also wondering if the lower sex drive is because of the time of year.

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