Letters to a young man 22

Hello my friend. It has been some time. No doubt you may have forgotten our last correspondence, so let me remind you of it, in case that is so.

I did receive your reply and you have some interesting thoughts on the matter. Was there never a box? Is it that one should grow one’s own food in the box so that sustenance is not needed from without?

Both of these are on the right track, but let me tell you one thing more that may clear things up, if I do my job correctly.

The box is as real as you believe it is.

There are no walls per-se, yet if they are there of your own constructing, they are very real to you. You may indeed be unable to eat without assistance from others. So, in that way, you may eventually see that the box isn’t real. And yet, how real it was when you were inside of it.

I’ll be finished with my book End Game very soon and will let you know when it is done. 

Stoic Living for the Modern Soul

My book on stoicism.

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2 thoughts on “Letters to a young man 22

  1. I’m going to have to write a post soon about the importance of mentors and give thanks to the various older and wiser men of the sphere who share their wisdom to the young guns.

    Your letters series has been a great source of wisdom and personal insight and most, maybe not all, have spoken to me as if they were written directly at me. So know that there is value in what you write and many universal truths find their way into your writing.

    Keep it up and stay sharp.

    • Thanks LL, I appreciate it. Comments like these fuel the fire to write. I’ve got some things in the works and will finally put out End Game once I get the proof and it checks out. It’s a short book, but I hope to the point and won’t waste anyone’s time with needless filler.

      Glad the letters have resonated with you.

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